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As yet untitled, it is the journal of a woman who thinks she is a super hero

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Dresses and Other Catastrophes

By Dani O'connor.

"Winner of the 2009 GCLS Award for Best Dramatic Fiction"

  Tomorrow. That's Doc's motto. Tomorrow she'll take care of the important things in life. Today she has everything she needs. That includes Sam, her partner--a constant, a given, a permanent promise.

For eight years there has always been tomorrow to make their relationship official. Tomorrow is finally today. Forty-eight hours after Doc's realization that it's time to make a statement to the world, she and Sam are full of insane, impulsive plans to celebrate their feelings in a ceremony of love and commitment. With limited time, they arrive in Holland and hit the ground running--and promptly trip and fall. Dresses are only the start of the chaos. One catastrophe after another challenges an absent-minded idealist and a work-driven attorney to find their dream of forever.

Dresses and Other Catastrophes takes up where A Poem for What's Her Name and Same Socks Marriage left off, with Dani O'Connor's unique storytelling combining life, humor and the pursuit of happiness.

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